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The fitness benefits of living at altitude have been widely known for over 40 years with athletes choosing to live in such locations to enhance their performance. Further research in to altitude has also uncovered particular health and wellbeing benefits too.

Since 2004, the team at Altitude Inc have harnessed the concept of living at altitude and are making the amazing benefits available to people, like you, who want to improve their health and fitness without trekking to great heights.

Let us help you.

At Altitude Inc, we have a strong focus on natural and drug-free therapies to help people love life as much as we do. Through altitude simulation we’ve helped many people of all fitness levels regain their zest for life, reduce their reliance on prescribed drugs and achieve their goals.

‘I started Altitude Inc to help with my cycling but now I realise that altitude simulation is not just for the elite and it’s benefits are not just sport based. It’s about maximising your potential in life. Will I continue...? Too right!’ Richard Middleton

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